Romp Cello

Romp Cello

  • $60.50

ROMP Cello is a remote-controlled G-Spot Vibrator designed to deliver good vibrations to this sensitive erogenous zone. Coated in feel-good silicone and shaped for targeted pleasure, ROMP Cello is waterproof, rechargeable and always ready for a good time.

• G Marks The Spot – ROMP Cello stimulates your G-spot with deep and rumbly vibrations. Lush.

• Give It Up – hand the wireless control to a partner and let them play you like an instrument.

• Take It Outside – the wireless remote means you can wear ROMP Cello discreetly and take your pleasure anywhere.

• The Spice of Life – with 6 intensities and 4 pulsating patterns, you can experiment to your heart’s content.

• Go Anywhere, Do Anything – ROMP Cello is completely waterproof, offers an hour of pleasure on a charge, and materials are 100% body safe.