Wild Bleu Bamboo Long Satin Ribbon Robe

Wild Bleu Bamboo Long Satin Ribbon Robe

  • $132.00

This very pretty and elegant robe with a wide overlap, front pockets on either side, tie waist band is attached to the back, so will never slide off. The delicate satin ribbon detail finishes this robe for an elegant look. Our HRT (Heat Release Technology)TM is 81% polyester, 11% rayon of bamboo origin, 8% spandex.

-Wicking property never washes out

-Pulls moisture away from the body

-Fabric stays fresh and eliminates odor naturally 

-Wrinkle free makes traveling easy

-Soft, cotton-like feel keeps you cool and comfotrable

-Perfect for warm or humid climates, hot flashes, night sweats, and for any woman who enjoys a great night's sleep

-Stay cool, stay dry, stay asleep

Cold water wash, gentle cycle, no fabric softener, hang or tumble dry on low